The Practice of Yoga: Video

The Practice of Yoga: Video

the practice of yoga
Photo by samuiblue.

Hey guys, in my previous post we learned about yogi professional Leah Cullis and the benefits that yoga provides. Below is a video I shot for a ‘Smartphone Video’ class that I took at Columbia College Chicago that presented a yoga class and it participants in all their vulnerabilities. It has truly inspired me not only to learn more about the craft of yoga but to practice it as well.

Shooting this video was inspiring to me because these people allowed me into their private session as well as their personal space. That couldn’t have been easy. I sure don’t like putting myself on display when I’m sweating like a pig and contouring my body in weird positions. So for that, I thank everyone in this piece who were brave enough to do something most of us are scared to do. Hopefully, this video inspires you just as much as it has me.


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