Interview With Yoga Professional Leah Cullis

Interview With Yoga Professional Leah Cullis

yoga interview
Photo by Stuart Miles

Now that the semester has come to an end, it’s time to find ways to de-stress and unwind. Yoga has always been a popular choice among many, as it is known as a physical, mental and spiritual practice that helps to achieve peace.

Leah Cullis is a Baptiste Yoga Teacher; this style of yoga combines elements of classical yoga, Ashtanga, Iynegar and Bikram yoga that transform the body, mind and soul. She believes that yoga practice is about tuning into your body and into the moment. Yoga to Cullis, is a way of opening up creativity and flow, aligning your body and being with your highest intentions. In each of her class she tries to connect vitality, openness and connection.

Since 2009, Cullis leads the annual White House Easter Egg Roll with a team of nationally recognized teachers. Sharing yoga with over 30,000 children and families on the White House lawn; the Presidential initiative encourages healthy and active lives among children.

“I’m a passionate supporter of the Africa Yoga Project, a non-profit sharing yoga to create jobs, healthcare, unity and peace throughout Africa,” says Cullis. Her mission is to help people integrate the practices and principles of yoga and wellness into their daily lives for “more power, ease and joy.”

Click here to read her interview with the Yoga Journal where she shares her inspiration, philosophy on life and food and what her go-to yoga practice is.


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