DIY Fails: Why It Pays To Be Attentive

DIY Fails: Why It Pays To Be Attentive

DIY Fails

Ok guys, so we’ve covered just how dangerous some DIY projects can really turn out. If you don’t pay attention to the details, complete thorough research in advance and complete every step as listed then you run the risk of encountering some hurdles along the way. If the project requires you to use a tool you’ve never heard of, try to learn as much as you can from someone who is familiar with it.

Because it is so easy to get lost in all the excitement of starting a new project, I thought it would be a good idea to post a little safety reminder…with a twist. If you’re like me, then you probably have a dozen scenarios playing in your head…all the time…all at once. These DIY fails are not only funny but they serve as a great reminder to follow the steps and to pay close attention to the task at hand.

When there’s no extra cash to purchase an actual mailbox, try this DIY option. Just one thing, do you have an old PC lying around somewhere?

DIY Maibox

Don’t let your sexy daisy dukes turn into this major DIY fail. One too many snips and your jean shorts could resemble this wedgie disaster.

Jean shorts fail

As a newbie to the Nutella craze, I was thinking I should try these Nutella mug cakes. On second thought…maybe not?

Nutella mug cakes fail

The bride was so happy when her second cousin volunteered to make the wedding cake. That is, until the big reveal. Sprinkled-cake, anyone?

Sprinkled-Cake fail

When DIY adventures take a wrong turn. Maybe if we add more strings?

String art fail

Hopefully these funny pins have reminded you just how important it is to follow instructions. DIY projects consist of step-by-step processes that require your attention. Although the above scenarios were not life threating, some projects are. Remembering to be cautious at all times is extremely important, especially when a project can cause harm to you or anyone involved. So, please be mindful and follow safety precautions, whenever possible!

Stumbled across some funny DIY fails recently. Post a photo in the comments below!


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