A Letter to Mom

A Letter to Mom

Photo by Dorcy Castillo

Mother’s Day is slowly approaching and I’ve been thinking this is the perfect time to pen a letter to my mom. Last year, this time around Riley was only a couple months old and I had yet to realize just how different my life would be. I’ve only been a mom for a little over a year and already I’m starting to understand all the difficult decisions/choices my mom had to make as a parent.

I’d first like to thank you mom, without your tough love, I wouldn’t be the strong woman that I am today. The way you love is like no other, but it’s because of this our relationship is so dear. There are no words that can completely describe the love, the admiration and the gratitude I hold for you. As I grow older, I’m learning to appreciate every minute we’ve spent and every memory we’ve created.

The many lessons you’ve taught me are invaluable. I couldn’t be the mom that I am today without your wise words. Teaching me the importance of being independent is the reason I am so determined to achieve my dreams. You’ve taught me to love myself, to always know that I am good enough. These are the values that I plan to pass on to my daughter.

Your strength inspires me every single day. Through adversities, you still find it in your heart to love, to laugh and to give. I strive daily to achieve, if only just a portion of your strength. From you, I’ve learnt that it’s not the problem that matters, but it’s the way you pick yourself up. How powerful you are, to continue to inspire your four daughters, to build a foundation so solid that can and will withstand all hurdles.

Mother's Day
Photo by Dorcy Castillo

Georgia Castillo, I love you with all that I am. You have been a friend, a teacher but most of all an amazing mother. This mother’s day is particularly special because I get to show my appreciation to you, not only as a daughter but as a mother myself. I am proud to call you mom and to have Riley call you “na-na.”


2 thoughts on “A Letter to Mom

  1. This letter was absolutely beautiful! Being a mom can be a tough job and you don’t always hear thank you. So, it’s awesome that you’ve gotten to see the other side of being a mom and are learning to appreciate yours in a new way. I can tell by your letter that your Mom did an awesome job raising you and you will do the same raising your daughter.

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